All quotes from Terence McKenna’s

What I’m advocating is that we each take responsibility for the cultural transformation by realizing that it is not something which will be disseminated from the top down, it is something which each of us can contribute to by attempting to live as far into the future as possible.

In the moment of being human we have a unique opportunity to figure things out.

There is definitely an obligation to examine the possibility of action, and to think clearly about self and other, language and world, past and future. Because too much we have lived in the light of the idea that your ideology will be dictated to you essentially by geography. And if you’re born in India, you’ll find out that the cosmos is one way, if you’re born in Brooklyn, you find out it’s another way. What we need to do is transcend these localized grids of fate which make us what we are but don’t want to be. Because you claim this higher level of freedom by the simple act of applying attention to being, the experience of being, the primacy of experience.

We must begin to send out ideological visions rather than be the consumers of them.