All quotes from Marshall McLuhan’s

On all electric media the sender is sent. That is the message. You are the message. They send you. On the telephone, you are sent, and the person to whom you are speaking, they are sent to you. The sender is sent. Also, as you say, you lose your identity. You’re a nobody. The person who is sent is nobody.

When you move at the speed of light on the telephone, you do not have a private identity. And when you don’t have a private identity—or rather, when you don’t have a body—you don’t relate to natural law. Gravity has no control over you at the speed of light. You’re suddenly outside of the natural scheme of things. You’re a super-man. This does all sorts of things to the human psychology. Completely transforms people.

Goals and objectives are meaningless at the speed of light. At the speed of light, you’re not going somewhere, you’re already there. On the telephone, you’re not going somewhere, you’re there!

A painter or an artist, when he is working at full capacity, is completely at play. Because the only way an artist can work is by exploring, inventing, playing, and trying to discover all the potential in a situation. It’s done by play.

Remember that group of people who got themselves accepted into a mad house, and were horrified to discover that, once they were in, nobody could tell that they were sane? Except the extreme psychotics, who pointed at these intruders and said, “They’re playing.” The really far-out nuts saw these invaders and said, “They’re playing”—which is a name for sanity. When you stop playing, you’re mad.

Radio enhances access to the entire planet. To everybody. On the air, you’re everywhere, minus a body. It obsolesces wires and cables and physical bodies.