All quotes from Elon Musk’s

You could argue that any group of people, like a company, is essentially a cybernetic collective of people and machines.

There’s sort of a collective AI in Google Search, where we’re all sort of plugged in like nodes on the network; like leaves on a big tree. And we’re all feeding this network with our questions and answers. We’re all collectively programming the AI. And Google, plus all the humans that connect to it, are one giant cybernetic collective. This is also true of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, and all these social networks. They’re giant cybernetic collectives.

We are the biological bootloader for AI, effectively.

It’s a combination. It’s a combination of electronics and biology.

I think, best-case scenario: we effectively merge with AI, where AI serves as a tertiary cognition layer.

The cortex is mostly in service to the limbic system. People may think that the thinking part of themselves is in charge, but it’s mostly their limbic system that’s in charge. And the cortex is trying to make the limbic system happy. That’s what most of that computing power is oriented towards.

It will enable anyone who wants to have superhuman cognition. Anyone who wants. This is not a matter of earning power because your earning power would be vastly greater after you do it. So, it’s just like: anyone who wants can just do it. In theory. That’s the theory. And if that’s the case, then—and let’s say billions of people do it—then the outcome for humanity will be the sum of human will. The sum of billions of people’s desire for the future.

How much smarter are you with a phone or computer than without? You’re vastly smarter, actually. You know, you can answer any question. If you’re connected to the Internet, you can answer any question pretty much instantly, any calculation. Your phone’s memory is essentially perfect. You can remember flawlessly—or your phone can remember: videos, pictures, everything. Perfectly. That’s—your phone is already an extension of you. You’re already a cyborg.