All quotes from Alan Watts’

I think that—thus far—the genius of this kind of underground that we’re talking about is that it has no leadership.

If you take the Chinese view of the world—which is organic—they would say, for example, that the human body is an organization in which there is no boss. It is a situation of order resulting from mutual interrelationship of all the parts. And what we need to realize is that there can be—shall we say—a movement, a stirring, among people which can be organically designed instead of politically designed. It has no boss, and yet all the parts recognize each other in the same way as the cells of the body all cooperate together.

We are talking about all this, which is really a rather small movement of people involved in the midst of a fantastic multitude of people who can only continue to survive if automated industry feeds them, clothes them, houses them and transports them by means of the creation of immense quantities of ersatz material.

Every healthy culture provides for there being non-joiners. Sannyasi, hermits, drop-outs too. Every healthy society has to tolerate this.

The absolutely primary thing is that there be a change of consciousness in the individual: that he escape from the hallucination that he is a separate ego in an alien universe, and that we all come to realize, primarily, that each one of us is the whole works.