All quotes from Terence McKenna’s

Psychedelics, in my view, should be seen as enzymes for the imagination, or catalysts for language. And really, what the new youth culture is attempting to do is to reclaim the language-forming machinery for itself. A culture can evolve no faster than its language evolves: what is unspeakable is unthinkable.

Ordinary language, which we take so for granted—when looked at from the perspective of the rest of animal nature—is seen to be something very close to the thumbprint of god on the human world.

If you can see a situation from another person’s point of view, in a sense, you have become that other person.

As we look at the Earth as it exists today—with rising levels of toxicity and pollution and arms proliferation and so forth and so on—there are no problems that cannot be solved. We have the technology, we have the money, we have the industrial capacity. What we don’t have is the plan and the will to execute the plan. So really, the change that we and the groaning planet are waiting for is a change in the human mind. It’s the human mind that must change. And then the tools for the restructuring that must be done will be found present and near at hand.

We must dissolve the boundaries of “yours” and “mine,” of “inside” and “outside,” even of “life” and “death.” We must dissolve these linguistically-conferred boundaries and replace them with a sense of the universal flow of energy through a series of vibrating and resonant fields of being.