Art Meets Science and Spirituality: From Fragmentation to Wholeness

This film features the Dalai Lama speaking on the nature of mind and on his personal feelings as leader of the Tibetans in exile, the physicist David Bohm, who explains his theory of the "implicate order;" and interviews with artist Robert Rauschenberg and Russian economist Stanislav Menshikov. Artists, scientists, spiritual leaders and economists gathered in Amsterdam in 1990 to explore the emerging paradigm of a holistic world view and the implications for a global economy. The five day confernce was inspired by the artists Joseph Beuys and Robert Filliou, and manifested by Louwrien Wijers, who called it a "mental sculpture."

The Earth is one household, really. And we’re not treating it that way, right? So that’s the first step in economics: is to say the Earth is one household, and all that it depends on—it’s all one, you see? Now, the implicate order would help us to see that: to see everything enfolds everything. Everybody not merely depends on everybody, but actually everybody is everybody in a deeper sense. See, we are the Earth because all our substance comes from the Earth and goes back. It’s wong to say it’s an environment, to say it’s just surrounding us, because that would be like the brain regarding the stomach as part of its environment.

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