Amherst Press Conference


Mr. Fuller and Maharishi came from different traditions of knowledge, but both talked about the universal basis of life, the individual, and the cosmos.



…from either Maharishi or Buckminster Fuller how they view what created intelligence, and tell us about the structure of the universe itself, and how that relates to individual man? That may be fairly broad, but it might be a beginning.



I will invite Mr. Fuller to say what he wants to say at the start. It has been a very great joy to have met him here and have heard him last night, and I think we are talking the same thing. It has been a very great delight.



I am—am I live here?

I’m personally very deeply convinced that I have no faculties with which all human beings are not endowed. I do not think I am any exception whatsoever in this matter. I have been, now, deeply concerned with exploring for faculties which all human beings do have, which they tend to exhibit from time to time as children but lose very quickly due to the misunderstanding of the life experience by their elders who, in fear, tell their children are going to experience pain that they have experienced; tend to guide the children in ways that disconnect the switchboard of extraordinary connections with extraordinary faculties which we do have. Because I’m really convinced, then, that whatever I’ve been able to do has come by my exploring for those faculties.


I also would say that, by far, the most impressive single information that has emerged from my meeting with Maharishi is the understanding—which I have gained particularly from his students—regarding meditation. Because in 1927, when I started to explore for the faculties of which we are all endowed and ought to be able to employ them, I’m quite convinced that I know that I was doing so only for one fundamental drive, because I had considered suicide and had decided that the warrant of my not committing suicide was that I would turn my experiences to the advantage of others. And I’m quite confident that whatever I’ve been able to uncover of faculties of which we are endowed, and my ability to employ them, has come about absolutely clearly by virtue of my wishing to employ those faculties—to discover them so I could employ them—to the advantage of the many.


Now, in 1927, when I started to explore for the faculties of which we may be endowed, I became very aware of the fact that there was meditation in the East, in India. And what I learned of it at the time made me feel that the meditators were tending to engage in their study, their discipline, very much for their own advantage. Therefore, it came as a great delight to me in meeting Maharishi to learn that he, in his studies, had discovered that in the very earliest recorded thinking in India the meditator was exploring for these faculties that humans have, but on behalf of his fellow men. And that he had felt that the meditators, in these ensuing times, had deteriorated the position of seeking self-advantage rather than the advantage of the many. I think what has made Maharishi loom into our [???] in the Western world in very short order is this very great change and his rediscovery of the earlier truths. I’m not surprised that the earlier thinkers knew these things—that, as I go back to the Gitas and these earliest writings, I’m overwhelmed by the profound simplicity of the total comprehension manifested by them. So that I feel that Maharishi and I have come together, both of us exploring for what it is we’re endowed with, but both inspired by how we could turn the advantage towards the many.


I think that, as a news item, we’re meeting, just in our clothing we appear very different. We come out of very different kind of paths. And, incidentally, in 1927 I did feel that, in trying to free myself to think effectively, I first spontaneously tended to change my clothing and to break many of the patterns of customs, and I found, however, that what I was trying to do to turn my thought to the advantage of others began to be impeded by my—at that time—very unique physical appearance and my determination to only eat various things at certain times. So…


The [???] was part to be necessity.



…I decided that that was really putting self before others in doing what I was doing physically, and so I decided, then, to become the most invisible man I knew how to be. And the most invisible man appeared to be a second-rate bank clerk. So I’ve tried to appear like a second-rate bank clerk ever since.


Very practical!


Well, this makes me look quite different from Maharishi.


Very practical!



But I think this is the real news: that there is coming to the Western world, through Maharishi, what is really news due to the fact that there have been people contemplating and isolating themselves for thousands of years, not apparently trying to bring advantage to the many except in really quite mysterious ways, possibly as giving a blessing. But we’re looking out for our own personal salvations. I’m sure what makes Maharishi, then, beloved and understood is that he has manifest love. You could not meet Maharishi without recognizing instantly his integrity. You look in his eyes and there it is.


Often they may be clothed.



I’m very aware of my physical limitations, and I disciplined myself, and I esteem integrity, and I try to conduct myself with integrity. And I am dubious of the effectiveness or the consequences of those who are engaged in activities on our planet at the present time who are not being motivated by fundamental integrity. The fundamental integrity must relate, then, to the others; the rest of our fellow men. That men could put money-making before the truth seems incredible to me. But that men have put money-making before the truth by the millions for a long, long time tells us why we’re in a very great predicament on our planet today. That Maharishi is spontaneously engaging the love, understanding, and support of the young is the most important manifest we can have of that beautiful integrity.


So I’d like to say to the news: the great news is that young America has its arms open for the truth, and love, tenderness, compassion, and for the only way in which we can know the truth—through our minds. Our young world first manifested great abhorrence for non-truth, for the superficial, misleading information of our customs. Now that young world is going beyond just being dismayed and being disapproving of the non-truth, but is demonstrating in this wave of inspiration by Maharishi demonstrating its yearning, its determination, for humanity to survive on our planet. Very deep forces are operative here; the forces of the great intellect of the universe itself. And this is the news. Not easy to report in the newspapers this kind of news, but this is the news.



This is the vision of Fuller’s life for the world. The vision of fuller life. This country being open to all that will be good for human race. I call this country to be the most creative country in the world. America today is the most creative country in the world, and that is the reason why this most creative country has made this teaching of knowledge about life a science. Teaching of transcendental meditation—which is a technique and a natural thing—has been shaped in this country as a science just because this is the creative country of the world. And when this science of integrity of life—on both levels; intellectual and experiential: this knowledge of science of creative intelligence which brings fulfillment on the intellectual level, on the level of understanding about the infinite value of life, and about the practice to experience it, about transcendental meditation—when this knowledge and practice structured in the science of creative intelligence reaches every part of the world from this country, the world will be an integrated world. And citizens of this integrated world will be integrated citizens; will be living fullness of life.


And Fuller’s vision of this possibility is great today. To be able to recognize the reality at a glance indicates integrity of the vision. And that you are providing to the press just now: the integrity of the vision which has located this possibility of an integrated world through the integrated individuals through this science of creative intelligence. Only, the individuals like Mr. Fuller, living integrated lives and dedicating their energy and intelligence and time and resources to reach the many with this message of integrity, could be the representatives of this age—the scientific age—which is to leave its influence for thousands of generations to come. Men of integrity alone can institute this knowledge in the present society and lay out a beautiful, solid foundation for all the generations to enjoy this beautiful knowledge. And in Mr. Fuller, what we find is not only an integrated individual, but an individual dedicated for construction. And not only construction of material values, but anxious to construct the human soul for its integrity. And I congratulate you for that. Beautiful! Very, very, very beautiful.



Because of the evolutionary requirement of the integration of all men around our planet, I would like to point out that what I feel is a reason why America seems to you, for the moment, to be an active field of creative capability, that we have in the 5.5 million years of known presence of man on our Earth, the gradual gaining of a little experience of a man born nakedly, helpless, without any information—beautiful equipment, but ignorant. Gradually finding his way. There’s been a bit of pyramid-ing of experiences. And America happens to be in a wave that has gone around the world. It’s a cross-breeding world man here. There’s no American nation, we have world man here. And there is developing, here, a world-man. And he’s beginning to explore and become part of a total world. But there is a tendency of the crowd to be excited by eh man who makes the scar on the football playing field, makes the touchdown. But I feel that America has been thrown a forward pass by all of humanity.


I believe it has, yes. Indeed it has, yes. It is.



And for the moment it has the opportunity of making a touchdown, therefore it’s spectacular. But it’s part of a great team of all humanity. And I want to be sure not in any way to carry an unnatural ego on this particular continent for the moment.


It’s the cognition of reality, I think.



I’m sure we’re in complete agreement in what we’re saying. But I think you’re saying this in a sense of kindliness because we are meeting here and because you and I are in a conference together. I just don’t want that generosity to be misunderstood as in any way working against this beautiful integration which you also did talk about [???].



Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think we are talking more on the reality level than on the platform level.


Yes. Indeed, indeed.


It’s the vision of life in this country, which is projecting a great possibility for the whole world. You see? Because transcendental meditation has been taught in the world for about twelve years in the past—all the countries. It is the creative individuals of this country that have given a shape to it in terms of science of creative intelligence. The total value of life to be conceptually delineated and empirically verified. Transcendental meditation is there to verify empirically, to know the infinite value of life by direct experience, and what you spoke last night with structured infinity from the finite values, that is intellectual delineation of the infinite value of life. Both these things—knowledge and experience—makes life fuller. Another word for it: integrated.


So here we find, in one person, the expression of what actually the name means: fuller, integration. You’re a great inspiration for the whole book of [???]. And this is going to project a very great practical possibility for all mankind. The recognition of the reality is not open to un-integrated visions. The vision of an integrated society, and the recognition of a means directly leading to it, can only belong to a fuller, integrated vision. And I’m so very happy to find in you this expression of this truth. That this is the most creative country in the world. I have been saying all along not for the sake of any psychological values to those who hear it, but for the value of the recognition of the value of this soil for the good of the whole world. What we are structuring on this platform is science of creative intelligence. And this creation of science of creative intelligence will give a value of knowledge so concrete and so full, that is going to transform the whole world.


So we are on the threshold of a transformation whereby suffering will be outcast. Real integrity of life will be available to all. You heard Mr. Fuller saying that everyone has that potentiality. Everyone has those faculties which, in 1927, he was trying to unfold for the good of others. And he has been repeating: everyone has those faculties. And now it is given to everyone to unfold those faculties and use it for himself and for others. This is what science of creative intelligence is unfolding to every individual. The real knowledge of integrated life where one would enjoy all the relative values and will not miss the infinite, absolute, [???] value of life. The inner value will not be lost. Pure consciousness will not be lost. Unbounded vision will not be lost. Bliss consciousness will remain, and all the values of [???] life will be upheld. These kind of individuals we want to structure.


Science of creative intelligence, when adopted in all the educational organizations, then the purpose of education will be complete. Education inspires to create a man in his full value. Integrated man is the aspiration of every educational system. But because, so far, even though the knowledge of infinity was there, the direct experience of infinite value of life was not available. But now, transcendental meditation provides that in a very simple, natural method. And therefore, through this procedure, every man will be able to unfold his inner faculties to the maximum, live integrated state of life, and just enjoy. That’s why we say no man is born to suffer. If someone is not living in a permanent state of happiness, then he can die within himself. Unfold his inner potentialities, and start to live that fuller life. In a very natural way.


So the message that Mr. Fuller brings, the message of fuller life—don’t let the inherent qualities remain behind the scene. Bring them out. Unfold them. And make use of them in daily life so that every aspect of life becomes fuller. This is the possibility through science of creative intelligence.

Richard Buckminster Fuller and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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