Paul Ray calls it “cultural creatives.” Currently he estimates, as a social analyst, that about 30% of people in the industrial world have shifted their values from separated, tribal, nation-state, my-tribe-above-yours mentality to a planetary, co-equal tendency. And I think what’s happened is the crisis of dangers—including global warming, financial collapse—is pushing up the carrier population who has a more evolutionary, emergent sense of potential. Both in response to the crisis, but more than that, in a feeling of creativity: of something more wanting to come.

from The Vision of a Better World (2008)

Portrait of Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Futurist, 1984 USA Vice Presidential Nominee
December 22, 1929 – April 10, 2019

Barbara Marx Hubbard was an American futurist, author and public speaker. She is credited with the concepts of “The Synergy Engine” and the “birthing” of humanity. She helped introduce the worldview of conscious evolution, calling this an epic evolutionary shift from Homo sapiens sapiens toward Homo universalis, a new human and a new world.

She founded and co-founded various organizations, such as The Center for Integral Wisdom, the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, the World Future Society, the Association for Global New Thought, The Club of Budapest, and Evolutionary Leaders.

Her name was placed in nomination for the United States Vice Presidency on the Democratic ticket in 1984, proposing an Office for the Future to map, track, connect and communicate what is working, and a Peace Room as sophisticated as a war room in the office of the vice presidency.


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